Wednesday, April 23, 2014

8 Months In.

It has been 8 months since we decided to try to reverse my daughter's tooth decay. We had an appointment to get caps and thank God we canceled it. I am so happy we have made it this far and have full faith that we will make it many more. This is no easy process, but being a mother isn't easy. It isn't always about what's most convenient or cheapest. When it comes to my child's future, I will do whatever it takes to make it as glorious as I've always envisioned it.

That being said, I do feel like my mind is a constant hamster wheel. It never stops. The anxiety is overwhelming. Vacations are stressful and I end up crying after every family visit or holiday. To constantly have to monitor every single piece of food that enters her body AND mine is the most difficult obstacle I've ever had to cross. The money for supplements and farm fresh food completely depletes our savings.To do this, to make this promise to yourself and your child, is not for the faint of heart. Difficult is an understatement. Without my friends going through this that I met from Cure Tooth Decay and Instagram, I would be a weeping mess.

Anyway, I have decided to switch up our routine a bit. Since working with Dr. Sunshine, I have really discovered how bad her candida overgrowth is. It is no secret that candida is a huge culprit behind tooth decay. So instead of focusing on the diet in Cure Tooth Decay, I'm focusing on the candida and hoping that will help her absorb nutrients and digest food better.

  • Bio-dent (standard process)
  • Catalyn (standard process)
  • Genestra HMF natogen probiotics
  • Bifido (living streams)
  • Zinc (from local health food store 15mg)
  • Candistat
  • diatomaceous earth in yogurt
  • vitamin d3
I take biotin, raw glandulars, kelp, vitamineral green (not consistently)
We have stopped with cell salts and a custom tincture we had made for her teeth with comfrey, nettle, turmeric & ginger because they tested as not beneficial for her specific case. This just clarifies to me that the candida is the issue.

Staples in our diet are bone broth, farm fresh eggs and meats and plenty of vegetables. Limited fruits, mostly berries. Lots of plain yogurt. Kombucha and kefir. Her favorites are sweet potatoes sliced and cooked in coconut oil and kale chips. We have these almost daily.

It is getting easier everyday and every month that passes is another month closer to them falling out on their own. Play dates are getting easier, I bring a cooler with me or we eat beforehand.The teeth do not bother her at all. She eats great, brushes great ( with holistic dental health store powder, diatomaceous earth & coconut oil). I also put a few drops of melaleuca on her stomach and feet before bed occasionally.

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  1. This is really helpful for me. I know my sons issue is candida too. I have him on Catalyn and Congaplex and wonder if I incorporated biodent if I would need to get rid of the congaplex ( would suck because I just bought two bottles). I appreciate your blog very much as it is nice to see my thought right out in front of me and since they are not actually mine I have a feeling of validation