Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Irony and Fear Mongering

Well, this week has sucked. Not because of Coraline, she is as happy as ever. She is eating healthier daily and signs "more" for her fermented cod liver and butter oil every morning! It's because I, the holier than thou tooth decay expert, have the worst fucking toothache alive. In a back molar far far away. My filling fell out while I was pregnant and it really hit me this week. Crying in agony, up all night, praying for relief. I made an appointment to get it extracted because I just can't handle this pain.

And then I thought, what a hypocrite?! Here I am obsessed with helping my daughter and having great progress, yet I am so easy to pull my own tooth because of a little PAIN? I have had needles pounding my legs, feet, ribs for over 8 hours straight! I have delivered a baby! And I'm going to let a toothache get me down? Nope. Not gonna happen. So today I got ready, told myself I was gonna tough it out, prayed for the strength (because this shit sucks) and cancelled my extraction. 

Don't tell my mom. 

Here's we're the fear tactics play. I thought that only pediatric dentists did this. Nope. They're all the same. ANTIBIOTICS. Gasp! It's a four letter word in our family. The second I heard this I hung up the phone. I told them I was eating raw garlic. I told them I had oil of oregano. I told them I was oil pulling. Nope. Not good enough. Antibiotics are apparently sent from God above to solve everything. Guess what? WRONG! Everything I need is in nature. Everything I need I don't have to have a prescription for. My own family, my own best friends, have told me I will die of blood infections. How familiar does that sound? Oh yeah, it's the same horseshit that got me started on this voyage. So thanks, I needed the reminder. I am stronger than Pharma. 

Here's the article that got me fired up. She's my favorite.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Updated routine.

Approximately 10am- nurses, gets up. I make my morning coffee and C drinks her raw milk sippy, takes half a dropper of Living Stream probiotics, cell salts 1,2,8 and Bioplasma. (3 of each). First thing every morning. 

11am - breakfast. 2 farm fresh free range eggs and AppleGate bacon cooked in butter. Our farm doesn't sell her bacon. :(
After this C takes half a dropper of her Living Streams alfalfa and bifido. She will also have one of her gelatin gummies and a teaspoon of fermented cod liver and butter oil. Then I brush her teeth with coconut oil and Earthpaste. Followed by spraying the front four with Living Minerals probiotic spray. Coat them with MI paste. Xylitol candy to end the routine. 

Nap around 1-2:30 then lunch at 3. Typical lunch includes an AppleGate hotdog and zucchini or a ham, raw cheese and kale spinach wrap. Washed down by water or raw milk. Xylitol candy after. Also another batch of cell salts. 

7 or so we start dinner. If she starts getting antsy or hungry while I'm cooking I will heat up some broth and she will sip on that or some cheese. We currently buy organic valley raw cheese. That's the best option we have, our farm is running low for the winter. Anyway, typical dinner is a meat (chops, steak, ground beef steak, grilled chicken), with steamed vegetables cooked in water/beef broth, and stewed potatoes. I try to fill her up on the Others before the potatoes but they're my husbands favorite and he's really suffering from our diets. Lol! To make these I just chop up organic potatoes, boil them in beef broth and Real Salt for about 20 minutes, then add 3 teaspoons raw butter. 

After this she gets her bath. Warm water and about a cup of magnesium flakes. I really think she's low in magnesium. I also try to spray her with the magnesium oil often throughout the day. Sometimes it burns her so we really rely on the flakes at bath time.  Another round of cell salts.

BED TIME! We night weaned at 16 months after the dentist scared us into it. Clearly it didn't change anything, but Ido enjoy my night time alone when her daddy is putting her to sleep. He really cherishes this time as well. Anyway, this is hard because she is typically very tired and fights the brushing. So I start a Mickey Mouse movie, pause it after a few minutes, and say "let's brush our teeth then we can watch Mickey!" That usually does the trick. First I put some peroxide on a qtip and blot the problem areas. Then I load up her brush with coconut oil and Earthpaste and brush them to the best of my ability. After I'm sure I've gotten all the good spots, I spray the Living Streams Mineral Spray on them 4 or so times. Then I typically give her MORE coconut oil to really make sure that bacteria is gone. She likes to help smear it. Sometimes I will also put a drop or two of black walnut extract on her tongue too, depending on her mood. Then I coat the front 4 with MI Paste (she calls it paint because we "paint" the front 4 teeth with it) and give her a xylitol candy. She happily screams DONE DADDY and he comes in our room and lays with her until she's asleep. 

Sounds tedious at first but we have been doing this for around two months now, adding supplements along the way, and the change in her mood has been spectacular. She is so much happier, so full of life, talking in complete sentences, more outgoing, sleeping better, eating more and willing to try new things. Her teeth are STRONG. They are chipped but they are very strong. She has no sensitivity anymore at all. After her frenectomy Tuesday I really can't wait to see how the healing is going to progress. I do not expect God to miraculously make them pearly white again, but I pray every night he guides me, gives me wisdom and puts the right people in my path to help me on this journey. I do feel like there's a bigger picture, I do feel like I can change the world. 


It has only been a month and 13 days since I felt so deeply saddened by our tooth decay situation that I was on my hands and knees praying for guidance, wisdom and hope. This past month has been so inspirational and life changing for our family. The way we are eating and feeling has done a complete 360. My daughter no longer asks for tea and refers to it as "shew shews". She signs for more fermented cod liver and butter oil. She eats squash, broccoli, kale and bone marrow. She drinks a whole cup of broth from a mason jar. Her body knows what it needs. Her body is thanking me. --Her hair is growing and glowing.
-Her nails have to be cut constantly.
-Her teeth and hard and she is biting into things with them!
-Her vocabulary has blossomed, she is speaking in full sentences at 22 months old!
-Her appetite is fulfilled by healthy fats and vegetables. She never asks for bread or biscuits and only one or two fruits a week!

I have a side by side picture of the difference a month of strict diet change and supplements has made but I'm hesitant to share it. Not many people believe in the power of nutrition and I have no tolerance for ignorance. I can share that I posted it in a private group called Cure Tooth Decay and my inbox has blown up with questions and praise from people who I have given hope to. So today I feel whole and hopeful. I prayed for this peace while having a breakdown Sunday and my God does not disappoint. 

I need to write another post with what we're doing step by step but I just don't have the time. Here is a comment I shared with a stressed out mom in the same place I was emotionally when I started this blog.
The gelatin gummies have been a HIT and I'm so excited about them. I got the recipe from WellnessMama but it's so easy! Just 8 teaspoons Great Lakes Gelatin and 1/2 cup of juice. I used beet kvass and fresh squeezed lemon. Added a tiny bit of raw honey, heated it just enough to solidify the gelatin, popped it in the freezer for ten minutes and then cut it into ugly little squares. Note to self:get a mold. I also whisked in the living streams probiotics before putting it in the freezer. She has eaten them all in 2 days! 

Remember when I said I couldn't cut out fruit from our lunch? Well I did. For weeks now we've been eating zucchini instead of grapes and it's been a welcome change. 

While I cook dinner this angel alternates from broth to raw milk. She truly is my superstar. (Look at that hair!)

People ask what we snack on constantly. Today we ate some squash and kale sautéed in butter. A little effort and gluten is a thing of the past. 

She has been much more energetic (as well as I) since adding in magnesium flakes and oil to our protocol. 

The one thing that is stressing me out is the laser frenectomy scheduled in Charlotte for November 5th. I am SO nervous about it but hopeful at the same time. I really hope that this is the last piece of this complicated puzzle I have been so lucky to endure. ❤

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Newest Additions

This week has been great! My husband and I celebrated our third anniversary and had a baby free date in Gatlinburg! Our babysitter was amazing! She eats a paleo diet and cooked Coraline organic grilled chicken and asparagus with cucumber well water to wash it down. Me=impressed. So blessed we found her! 

I also received magnesium flakes, oil, and aloe which I am SO excited about. Magnesium deficiency is the cause of so many health problems. We have been giving cell salt #8 to combat mag deficiency but magnesium is absorbed best through skin. Coraline loves for me to spray the oil on her toes and rub it in. How many other toddlers get a foot massage multiple times a day!? The flakes help bath time go by smoothly too. She loves the "crystals". 

Oh, can I brag that she's speaking in full sentences now? At 21 months. Is that normal? I swear she's a genius. Hugh came home from work and we were telling him all about our daily activities: park, friends, puppies, Mickey Mouse, when she looks him square in the eye and says..."and mommy eat broccoli!"

Anyway, going to Charlotte in the next few weeks for the laser frenectomy which I am crazy excited about. We were going to the holistic dentist in Franklin for it but just for the lip tie it's $700 and she doesn't do it on small children often. Dr. McMurtry is recommended on the TT/LT group on FB and has been messaging me on Facebook about it. It's only 550 for the lip and tongue. He does it everyday. Plus Charlotte is pretty and I've always wanted to visit there. I am so ready for that to be over with because I am the biggest stressed out wench over it. Mainly just the money & planning. Who will watch our dogs? Will we stay the night? Will the kids I babysit have a backup? Will Hugh be able to take off work?! (If not, I am totally making a mom/Coraline vacay out of the trip). 

The only update on pooks is that she's fabulous. I'm totally not bothered by her teeth anymore because to me they look normal. I can't imagine them any other way. She's eating so much more and her appetite is so varied. She's trying new things and it makes my heart sing. We are still doing the plethora of cell salts 1,2,8, FCLO, Living Streams, xylitol candy, grain free diet,  broth, coconut oil blah blah blah daily. It's a routine now & once again I can't imagine life differently. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Advice from Rami Nagel himself

Rami Nagel was answering questions in our Cure Tooth Decay group these past 3 days. I was SO glad and thankful he did this! I screenshot a few things to share here :) 


About Ozone: 

Still feeling great over here :) 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Update

I have been meaning to update for awhile but we have been so busy! I started babysitting a sweet little boy so by the time he leaves I have to clean, run errands, cook dinner etc. The big news I've been meaning to share is that Dr. Gardner finally called us back and Nina Foley, a holistic dentist in Franklin,Tn has agreed to help us with Coraline! She says she can do composite fillings on all four! You have no idea how happy this makes me. Just to know that pulling isn't our only option. She also offers conscious sedation which is much safer than nitrous oxide. (Especially with the suspected MTHFR mutation.) So that's the great news. We are waiting for our insurance to get worked out and then probably this winter we will make the trip to Franklin for the consult. She is highly recommended on all Weston Price Foundation sites and every holistic dental page I've found. I am so happy she is helping us!

Coraline's decay seems to have halted. I have added cell salt 2 and quit giving Bioplasma. So she's taking 1,2 and 8 , 3 times a day. We also got cinnamon tingle FCLO which we are all happy about. Unflavored is disgusting. Our newest addition is MI Paste which is supposedly a must have. (Can you see why I started babysitting?) I suggest the simple paste and not the plus because of the fluoride in the plus. This has actually made brush time much much easier. She loves the taste and putting it on with the qtip.
Active decay feels very "squishy". While the color may not change, halted decay will harden and be more glossy. I can feel this while she's sleeping. She is also biting into her food now when before we had to cut it so she can transfer it to her molars to chew.

If you are looking for support for issues like these, although I hate to say it, Facebook is where it's at. I had mine deleted for a long time and it was wonderful, but it was a necessity that I joined the groups Natural Alternatives for Kids Teeth, Natural Healing Co-op, Magnesium Support and Wild Fermentation. The information I've found on these is priceless. I am so thankful for the friends I've acquired that share this journey with me. It is hard because I feel like my real life friends will never understand this stress. I find it so unfair my daughter can't eat bread, crackers, juice, tea, berries. Yet their kids eat goldfish and Hi-C and have a gorgeous smile. I don't want to be angry about it. I want to MOVE ON. But I can't. I almost wish I could be a normal person who'd just did the caps 4 months ago and was done with it. However, it's to come to my attention that many cases of leaky gut, lip ties and tooth decay has to do with the MTHFR mutation. An online friends homeopath thinks their case is from military vaccines altering genetic makeup. My husband comes from a military background so that's definitely something to think about!

The MTHFR mutation means your child probably reacts strongly to toxins like household cleaners, detergents, vaccines, food intolerances, and especially NITROUS OXIDE. So while it would have been easier to just do the caps and get this shit over with, it would have been the end of my world if something happened to my daughter that could have been prevented. My goal Is to keep them from getting worse or hurting her until they fall out on their own or we can pull without sedation. If Nina says the bone structure is hard and no risk of infection, we will probably just let them look bad until they fall out. If she says they need fixed, I will let them be fixed under her care. I trust her. Although, the white composite seems heaven sent. I don't even think I can imagine her with a perfect smile.

Well, it's perfect to us anyway.