Monday, April 7, 2014


Sometimes words just come to me. They always have. I was feeling particularly pitiful yesterday, but after writing this I felt so much better.

I'm not sorry I filter everything,
Like what you can and can not eat,
I'm not sorry I approach with hesitation
Every new friend that we meet.
But will their parents question me,
When I "discipline" you with care,
Even when you're screaming or crying,
And I simply stroke your hair.
Or when we go on play dates,
And all their snacks have GMOS,
Or when the ice cream truck comes jingling
And not regretfully, I say no.
I'm not sorry that I'm raising you,
To question all you see,
Because in a world like ours today,
It's important to plant the seed.
Our shampoos are laced with chemicals,
So we use none instead,
Our meat is injected with toxic things,
To keep it nice and red.
Our milk is full of hormones,
Our food of GMOs,
Chemicals are sprayed all in our skies
And even on our clothes!
I want you to know you're everything
You are my moon and stars
It's not easy to defy the norm,
In's REALLY hard!
I don't hit you so you'll fear me,
You are truly my best friend.
Some people can't accept that,
They think it's just a "trend".
I'll raise you as nature intended,
Keep you close to me while we sleep.
Nurse you until my body stops,
Even if I'm labeled a "creep".
It's not easy to get called a threat,
Because we choose a path without shots,
Or keep you out of public school,
Because we want you to form your own thoughts.
It's because you are the future,
And I'm still healing from my past.
But most of all because you're my baby...
And you'll grow up too fast. 

I'm not apologizing anymore. 


  1. I found your blog today while doing yet another search on the topic tooth decay and its like reading my own thoughts. I have a two year old son whose decay I noticed at the beginning of last year and it has been downright devastating to me. They are just teeth but I feel as if my soul is connected to them and each time I look inside his mouth I feel like the biggest failure! I say all this just to let you know that you are not alone in this and I am super impressed at the work you have put in a shared on here. I will continue to follow. Thanks

  2. ♥♥♥ This brought tears to my eyes♥♥♥ You are beautiful person.

  3. Oh tried to find you on Instagram but couldn't. ???

  4. I'm so sorry, I changed my name! It's katiemariefwlr :)