Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Placebo Effect & Veganism

Wow I'm so sorry I haven't updated this in so long! With warm weather upon us we have been at the lake/pool/amusement park constantly. I deleted my Facebook a little over a month ago and let me tell you, IT'S WONDERFUL! I have not been happier in over a year. I didn't have a Facebook when this journey began but made one to join the tooth decay groups and Natural Healing Co op. (A wonderful Instagram friend told me about it, thanks Jade!) Anyway, without the health groups always plaguing my existence and tracking my every meal, I have really been able to focus on the task at hand and the truth behind what we're dealing with. I was tired of feeling angry, empty, stressed, miserable and all around numb. Dreading every meal because it was a constant battle. "Please eat this egg. Please drink more milk! No we can't have a banana." Tears from both sides were shed constantly and we both just weren't happy.

So at 29 months, 1 week and 1 day Coraline weaned. I am so grateful our nursing relationship was mutual and she weaned when she felt comfortable. It was a wonderful process with no crying, no tantrums, just easy and peaceful. So having my body and boobs solely my responsibility now, I decided to change to a lifestyle that I had been desiring for a very very long time. I have many vegan friends and they can be quite pushy. Never rude to me, but always posting so many things that really had made me question milk, meat, eggs and cheese. Every time I found myself questioning these things all I had to do was take a quick glance in the tooth decay group to seek validation that the Weston Price way was the ONLY way to live. The truth is, whatever you believe, you can find evidence to back it up. If you want to believe in eating animals and drinking cow breast milk, look no further than Weston Price's studies. If you want to believe in eating a vegan lifestyle, watch Forks Over Knives or read The China Study. Weston Price has been proven wrong by "professionals", so has The China Study. So has every opinion. Everyone is going to believe something different because there will ALWAYS be evidence to back up your beliefs somewhere out there.

Coraline drank a lot of milk while weaning but after she had weaned, she didn't want it anymore at all. I always offered, but she just didn't want it. So every week I kept texting the farmer, " only half a gallon this week," or, "none this week." So finally I just cancelled our herd share. She does not want or ask for milk anymore at all. I do make her chocolate milk with cashew or coconut milk and cacao sometimes. Other than that, it's water or lemon water only. And guess what? Her stools went from yellow and grainy to completely normal overnight. She is sleeping TEN HOURS STRAIGHT! I am also letting her eat as much fruit as she wants. Apricots, bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries! You name it, she's eating it. It has been about 3 weeks and we are both so much happier. Eating is so joyful for us again. I have so much energy, jogging around the block twice a day, exercising every night, running around outside with her every day. The stress of such a strict diet on such a young girl was too much for us. Her teeth continued to decay, albeit slowly, despite my hopes and prayers. The placebo effect is so real and so strong. Every single time a new product came in the mail I would get this euphoria, almost like a drug. For weeks I would swear it was curing everything. The zinc was taking her red face rash away, the biodent was making them grow back, the Candistat was killing her candida. All of this was placebo for me. It was a huge hope that I kept insisting was happening because I wanted it SO badly. I have not seen any difference with any of them. I haven't given her any Living Streams products in months. I haven't forced her to take candistat in months. I haven't given her zinc in two weeks. Her rash still comes up after strawberries & tomatoes. Guess what? I just recently found out my husband had the same issue as a child! This is what these health groups do to people like me. I'm so naive and so gullible! Sometimes it is as easy as 'strawberries break her face out' and not "this mutation in her body causes the histamine to react with the saliva which is a sign of zinc deficiency" blah blah blah. Talk about making yourself crazy? Yes...I was going nuts. I am so much happier where we are now. My baby's smile is perfection to us and our family. She is growing, so intelligent, so happy and so healthy. Do you know she has never had a real fever? Or ear infection? Actually she's had a raspy cough maybe once or twice. I am so lucky to have such a healthy and happy child. Sometimes it's OKAY to accept things as they are and dwell solely on the POSITIVE aspects of this life. I am thrilled to be vegan finally. I have wanted this for so long. Coraline is eating predominately plant based too, but when my husband is eating meat she will steal a bite or two. We are still gluten free. One wonderful thing is that now that she can have pretty much whatever she wants (fruits mostly), she is much more easily swayed into eating vegetables. She has been eating celery, carrots, squash, spinach and beans. So many beans! She loves them!

So that's the update on our journey. I know a few people do follow my blog or find it through pinterest/google and I wanted to make sure you know where we are. I am so sorry for every one dealing with this pain. It is heartbreaking. Stay encouraged! Find the positives! LEAVE THE HEALTH GROUPS! Hell, leave Facebook :) Tooth decay is rampant in society today. In the south, 80-100% of our water is fluoridated. Dioxins are in our clothes, feminine products, diapers, perfumes, detergent and more! Please read this book to find out more about dioxins and decay. It is not our fault, it's only going to get worse in this country and we are doing all we can and more. Don't be stressed out, don't be so strict, give them a banana if they want one. They are only this little for a short while.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Excuse Me.

Excuse me if I'm staring,
But are your kids teeth missing too?
We're considering the option,
But there's so much to think through.
Excuse me for eaves dropping,
Did you say gluten free?
In a world of food allergies
That sounds heavenly to me!
Excuse me for asking,
But is your two year old still nursing?
Because In a day in age like this
It's as condemnable as cursing.
Excuse me for approaching you,
But is your toddler in a wrap?
It's nice to see an attached mother
Without her kid stuck on a strap.
Excuse me for repeating you
But did you say you DIDN'T hit?
It's wonderful that you have patience
When your child throws a fit.
Excuse for being nosey,
Is she still in our bed?
It's nice to have a united place
For you all to rest your head!
Excuse me for the questions,
But can we please meet again?
I don't want to seem intrusive,
But I could really use a friend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

8 Months In.

It has been 8 months since we decided to try to reverse my daughter's tooth decay. We had an appointment to get caps and thank God we canceled it. I am so happy we have made it this far and have full faith that we will make it many more. This is no easy process, but being a mother isn't easy. It isn't always about what's most convenient or cheapest. When it comes to my child's future, I will do whatever it takes to make it as glorious as I've always envisioned it.

That being said, I do feel like my mind is a constant hamster wheel. It never stops. The anxiety is overwhelming. Vacations are stressful and I end up crying after every family visit or holiday. To constantly have to monitor every single piece of food that enters her body AND mine is the most difficult obstacle I've ever had to cross. The money for supplements and farm fresh food completely depletes our savings.To do this, to make this promise to yourself and your child, is not for the faint of heart. Difficult is an understatement. Without my friends going through this that I met from Cure Tooth Decay and Instagram, I would be a weeping mess.

Anyway, I have decided to switch up our routine a bit. Since working with Dr. Sunshine, I have really discovered how bad her candida overgrowth is. It is no secret that candida is a huge culprit behind tooth decay. So instead of focusing on the diet in Cure Tooth Decay, I'm focusing on the candida and hoping that will help her absorb nutrients and digest food better.

  • Bio-dent (standard process)
  • Catalyn (standard process)
  • Genestra HMF natogen probiotics
  • Bifido (living streams)
  • Zinc (from local health food store 15mg)
  • Candistat
  • diatomaceous earth in yogurt
  • vitamin d3
I take biotin, raw glandulars, kelp, vitamineral green (not consistently)
We have stopped with cell salts and a custom tincture we had made for her teeth with comfrey, nettle, turmeric & ginger because they tested as not beneficial for her specific case. This just clarifies to me that the candida is the issue.

Staples in our diet are bone broth, farm fresh eggs and meats and plenty of vegetables. Limited fruits, mostly berries. Lots of plain yogurt. Kombucha and kefir. Her favorites are sweet potatoes sliced and cooked in coconut oil and kale chips. We have these almost daily.

It is getting easier everyday and every month that passes is another month closer to them falling out on their own. Play dates are getting easier, I bring a cooler with me or we eat beforehand.The teeth do not bother her at all. She eats great, brushes great ( with holistic dental health store powder, diatomaceous earth & coconut oil). I also put a few drops of melaleuca on her stomach and feet before bed occasionally.

For constant pictures and updates follow me on Instagram @permissiveparent 

Monday, April 7, 2014


Sometimes words just come to me. They always have. I was feeling particularly pitiful yesterday, but after writing this I felt so much better.

I'm not sorry I filter everything,
Like what you can and can not eat,
I'm not sorry I approach with hesitation
Every new friend that we meet.
But will their parents question me,
When I "discipline" you with care,
Even when you're screaming or crying,
And I simply stroke your hair.
Or when we go on play dates,
And all their snacks have GMOS,
Or when the ice cream truck comes jingling
And not regretfully, I say no.
I'm not sorry that I'm raising you,
To question all you see,
Because in a world like ours today,
It's important to plant the seed.
Our shampoos are laced with chemicals,
So we use none instead,
Our meat is injected with toxic things,
To keep it nice and red.
Our milk is full of hormones,
Our food of GMOs,
Chemicals are sprayed all in our skies
And even on our clothes!
I want you to know you're everything
You are my moon and stars
It's not easy to defy the norm,
In's REALLY hard!
I don't hit you so you'll fear me,
You are truly my best friend.
Some people can't accept that,
They think it's just a "trend".
I'll raise you as nature intended,
Keep you close to me while we sleep.
Nurse you until my body stops,
Even if I'm labeled a "creep".
It's not easy to get called a threat,
Because we choose a path without shots,
Or keep you out of public school,
Because we want you to form your own thoughts.
It's because you are the future,
And I'm still healing from my past.
But most of all because you're my baby...
And you'll grow up too fast. 

I'm not apologizing anymore. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I haven't posted in a few days because there really wasn't anything to say. I haven't been able to get the supplements I have been eyeing, Dr. Sunshine is stumped as to what is up with Coraline's teeth, and she has been a little rough this week. Refusing all food, nursing more than I can keep up with, waking up all night long and taking FOREVER to go to sleep at night. (I'm talking 2-3am!) Well, finally business has picked up and I think we are at the tail end of this phase she is going through. I hope anyway. She went from eating broccoli, kefir, kale, carrots and squash to eating absolutely nothing. It's quite frustrating. I have to give her broth through a syringe where she used to drink the whole bowl. Anyway I was finally able to order two things I have really been hoping for! Catalyn from Standard Process and Green Pastures new product, Fermented Cod liver, skate, butter and coconut oil.

Catalyn was developed in 1929 to Royal Lee. I like to think of him as the Louis Pasteur of homeopathy. It is derived from defatted wheat germ, carrots, nutritional yeast, bovine adrenal, liver, spleen, and kidney, ovine spleen, dried pea (vine) juice, dried alfalfa juice, mushroom, oat flour, soy bean lecithin, and rice bran extract. Weston Price shares, "At the outset his product was provided at no charge solely for the health and welfare of his mother and intimate friends. However, because of the remarkable results the product achieved, the fame of this food concentrate spread rapidly. The volume of demand reached such proportions that he had to create a new company, the Vitamin Products Company."

There is a group of twenty or so women, maybe more, that I have grown close to throughout this journey. One of them shared with me that after 3 weeks on this amazing product her daughter's enamel had grown! I immediately knew I must order some. The other recommended product is Bio-dent and Dr. Sunshine is ordering that for us. Once again I'm very hopeful. I don't ever expect full recovery but I do expect her health to prosper and I am doing all I can to make sure that it does. The white specks on her bottom teeth have disappeared, her canines are whiter than they have ever been, and her molars look much much better than they did before. Every week brings brighter discoveries and I have no more room for sadness in my heart over this battle. I am succeeding and more importantly I am helping others, uniting us against the corruption that is Big Pharma. As far as taste goes, it isn't great but isn't bad either. It hasn't been too hard to get her to take it.

The banana carob FCLO? That's' another story. GAG.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


A four letter word.

Why is this added to our water? Why is this pushed for us to coat our children's teeth with and in our toothpaste? Why is it added to our supplements and prescriptions? Where did this toxin come from and what is their agenda? Lets take a look at the history of fluoride and it's ties to Nazi Germany

The first occurrence of fluoride being added to drinking water was in prison camps during Hitler's reign. Fluoride was used to make prisoners more docile and willing to accept their roles. It kept them from an uprising. The nazi could care less about the teeth of their prisoners, their goal was sterilization and submission. Any wonder fluoride is the main ingredient in Prozac? This is what is in your water! It is being forced on us. Not only does it caused kidney and thyroid failure, it is associated with lower IQ's and bone fractures.

"Even in small quantities, sodium fluoride is a deadly poison to which no effective antidote has been found. Every exterminator knows that it is the most efficient rat-killer. ... Sodium fluoride is entirely different from organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate needed by our bodies and provided by nature, in God`s great providence and love, to build and strengthen our bones and our teeth. This organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate, derived from proper foods, is an edible organic salt, insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body, whereas the non-organic sodium fluoride used in fluoridating water is instant poison to the body and fully water soluble" - Charles Perkins

The thyroid is a key component to tooth health and guess what teeth are? BONES. Still think ingesting this toxin in for our benefit? It's hard to escape unless you filter your entire home with Berkey or Reverse  Osmosis. We are currently renting so that isn't an option. As of now we are buying spring water in the gallons and using that for everything. However, there's a documentary called Tapped which states even those efforts are futile. I haven't watched it yet simply because ignorance is bliss. I can't know or I will drive myself crazy. My only hope now is to petition my local water authority and I urge you to do the same. Fluoride is a cost to them and with your help you can change your county and the lives of all it's residents. 

Effects of fluoride

kidney and liver damage
calcifaction of the pineal gland
lowered immune system function
lowered IQ’s in children

For a full list click here

As for now, we keep buying the spring water and filling up with my mother in law's well water when we go visit. Our water is also depleted of minerals so I always add in Concentrace.

I also like to add in crab apple flower essence when I'm feeling especially down. It really helps me feel better about my appearance and just life in general. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Healthy Alternative to Mac and Cheese

I grew up on Kraft Mac-n-cheese. My husband absolutely loves the stuff. Up until I "awakened" we ate it 2-3 times a week. Ugh, I'm so ashamed. Sure, it was yummy and super easy but do you know the ingredients in that crap?!

The "cheese" is basically a cheese like product with yellow dye to make it look real. Yellow #5 and 6 to be exact. Proven to cause hyperactivity in children and adrenal tumors. 

The wheat used in these products is GMO wheat. Kraft has contributed a significant amount of money to keep GMOs from being labeled as well. What are they hiding? GMOs are altering our genetic code and causing all different types of issues worldwide. Infertility, cancer, Alzheimer's, the list is never ending. You can't mess with Mother Nature. The consequences are DIRE

So if you're an avid Kraft consumer looking for a better alternative, shell out the extra fifty cents and get Annie's. They are an AMAZING company, non gmo verified and supportive of local farmers. They also offer gluten free options which is what we had tonight. 

Okay it doesn't look that appetizing but it is by far my daughter's favorite thing in this world. Whenever she saw me bring out the box she started running around in circles shouting, "NOODLES! Oh thank you mommy!" The pasta is made with rice. So not an everyday side item but it's great for a special dinner. We have it about once or twice a month. However, I take a few extra steps to make sure it's as healthy as possible. 

1.) grassfed ground beef - adding in good quality meat makes it a great meal sure to leave our bellies extra full. I brown the meat in lard or bacon fat with garlic and sea salt. 

2.) boil the noodles in broth instead of water. I keep a pretty hefty collection of broth in our fridge at all times. Boiling the noodles in broth assures me that my daughter is getting plenty of the nutrients broth has to offer while enjoying her favorite treat. 

3.) Finely chopped kale and broccoli florets. Lately C has been refusing her broccoli so adding in the florets finely chopped assures she gets at least a little broccoli in every bite. She doesn't even notice it while she's inhaling the noodles. 

4.) after draining the noodles I add in raw milk & real butter. This way the milk doesn't get heated enough to kill beneficial bacteria. Butter is essential in the Cure Tooth Decay diet and very high in essential vitamins. I'm talking real butter, make from cream of cows. Not that vegetable oil Country Crock crap. To make it even healthier try using raw milk kefir! 

I mixed it all up and topped with shredded raw cheese. Made enough for Coraline and I for dinner tonight and tomorrow night (my husband works super late on the weekends). When I handed her the plate and asked, "is it good?" She shook her head yes and said, "I happy mommy!" 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glandular Supplement

A big part of the Cure Tooth Decay diet is trying to eat organ meats a few times a week. Well, my two year old is NOT a fan. I buy beef liver from Kroger and sometimes I can get her to eat it with a little garlic salt and ketchup but not often. She won't eat chili or meatloaf either so forget putting some heart or liver in there either. This is one part we were struggling with so I was very thankful when Rami suggested Swanson's glandulars for women in the Cure Tooth Decay group.

Well I went to get them off Swansons and kept them in my cart for a few weeks until we had a little more cash on hand. Two weeks later I was finally ready to check out and imagine my delight that they were buy one get one free! VICTORY! 

I also had to get some #2 cell salts because the ones we got from BestMade don't include Calc phos. Only Calc Fluor, Mag Phos and Ferr phos. So I've been using those as well as #12 (silica) and now #2. 
Excited for all the advances we're making! Also, Dr. Sunshine confirmed that the dairy was activating the candida. So he worked his magic and apparently she is cured. This could mean SO MUCH. This could change everything. It could be that her body wasn't healing because it was rejecting our milk, butter and cheese. We get more milk tomorrow and I'm excited to see results.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


There are few things as magical as iodine. I had no clue what this even was until a friend of mine, thanks Delis)  mentioned it on the Cure Tooth Decay Facebook group. Iodine has many anti fungal properties and is wonderful to have on hand (especially with the risk of Fukushima! It also reverses the effects of radiation exposure). We bought Lugol's off Amazon and add it to our water as well as swish before bedtime. Iodine directly on the teeth does stain, but it's nothing a little activated charcoal can't scrub off.

Here's a few facts I took from an article on CureZone

"Some countries are fluoridating their water supply for the theoretical benefits of fluoride helping to prevent cavities. What is happening is the ingested fluoride takes the place of iodine that should be there in the teeth, especially growing teeth. Iodine and thyroid for example have complete control of tooth growth along with some help from growth hormone. It is only because our iodine intake has been decreasing over the years that fluoride has been mistakenly added to our water with the idea of helping children's teeth. It would have made more scientific sense to have added more iodine."

"Many researchers (28-31) and Wharton [32] reported that immunodeficiency and malnutrition in adolescence and iodine deficiency and dental caries are associated. In 1939, Hardgrove [33] reported that “in his community (Fond du Lac, Wis, USA), since the beginning of administration of iodine to prevent goitre, children have less caries. Iodine seems to increase resistance to caries, retarding the process and reducing its incidence."

"Iodine is among the most potent of bactericidal agents. Its effect is not time-dependent; once bacterial contact is made, its action is immediately lethal. Iodine has excellent penetrability into dental plaques.37,38 These characteristics make it an excellent agent for oral use. Earlier studies by Gibbons and coworkers showed that a single two-minute application of a 2 percent iodine/potassium iodine ( I2-KI ) solution eliminated mutans streptococci from accessible human tooth sites for up to 13 weeks.39 In 1977, Caufield and Gibbons showed that a dental prophylaxis followed by three applications of a 2 percent I2-KI solution significantly reduced mutans streptococci levels in fissure and proximal-surface plaques and saliva. Reductions persisted for 20 to 24 weeks in proximal plaque and saliva; fissure plaques were significantly suppressed for four weeks but gradually returned to baseline levels in the absence of dietary restrictions."

I could keep quoting but you catch my drift. 

Snack time

So many people in the Natural Alternatives for Kids Teeth group have a hard time with snacking. Many go to snacks at age two are things like goldfish, or the better alternative, Annie's bunnies. I admit, we ate a LOT of these! Especially summer time when we frequented the park/pool. It can be hard to stay away from excess sugar and gluten regarding snacks. The good news is that when you start a paleo lifestyle, very high is essential fats, you will stay full and the snacking will slowly disappear. 

There is this one time of day for us where C wants something in her tummy right before a nap and nursing isn't cutting it anymore. She isn't hungry enough for a full blown lunch so I've been trying to figure out a good alternative. Here's a few suggestions for those of you looking for a snack time fill. 

KALE CHIPS - my #1. Not only is kale absolutely amazing for you, it is fast and easy to peel off some leaves, toss in lard, butter or coconut oil, sprinkle with sea salt & toss in the oven for 8 minutes or so. 

CHEESE BLOCKS - we currently buy Organic Valley raw sharp cheddar because that's all we have available this time of year. I just cut a few squares and put it as a side with some Granny Smith apples or blueberries. Those are the fruits lowest in sugar content and, paired with some good quality cheese, make a great snack!

SWEET POTATO CHIPS - another easy alternative and absolutely delicious! A good sweet potato takes about an hour to cook in the oven and is gone within seconds for my little. So I've been peeling and slicing into chip like pieces and sauté them in coconut oil and sea salt. It's almost like a dessert for us, the perfect blend of sweet and salty. (You can do this with carrots too)

BROTH - right before dinner if C is getting antsy it is so easy and convenient to heat up a little broth for her. She will slurp it up and it keeps her content while I finish. I add Great Lakes gelatin and sea salt to enhance its healing properties. It's perfect for any time of day.

What healthy gluten free snacks do you frequent in your home? 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Kisses

I have a guilty pleasure. It's so guilty that only my husband knows the extent of my obsession. He only knows because I constantly call him to pick it up on his way home from work. It's chocolate. Cacao to be exact. And there's a Walgreens practically next door that sells the bars for about $3 a piece. Oh. My. Yum. I dream of bedtime so I can cozy up with my puppies, creep on my Facebook with a hot cup of chamomile tea and I will eat a whole bar in one sitting. And I don't even blink about it. I get so few guilty diet luxuries and Ghiradelli uses non gmo cacao and very high quality. This is my happy place. 

So, imagine how sad I was to know they use GMO soy for the soy lechtin emulsifier! This company is known for having the highest quality chocolate! Wouldn't it be a no brainer? Maybe eventually they'll jump ship with Enjoy Life and make it totally allergen free. But alas, then they'll be ridiculously unaffordable as well. Am I doomed to a chocolate free bedtime hell? 

Nope! A friend of mine(thanks Laura!) posted about making some chocolate bars for her daughter with butter since she was having a hard time getting her daughter to consume the amount of butter recommended in Cure Tooth Decay. This is definitely not our problem,Coraline will eat teaspoons of the stuff plain! But since realizing she isn't tolerating dairy, I subbed in coconut oil and it turned out great! I just threw in raw cacao, raw honey, and melted coconut oil until it became a good taste and consistency. Made little dollops on wax paper and froze. These would make great valentines kisses for little ones. Coraline sure loved it! 

Cacao is high in antioxidants, sulfur and magnesium! But technically it is a seed, so I wouldn't make this a constant part of your diet. Great for a treat and practically guilt free! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014


I've been absent for awhile, to be honest I needed a break. I started feeling like a failure. I needed some time to sort things out myself, turn off my Facebook notifications and really reflect on bringing some joy back into my life. Truthfully, since we noticed the tooth problems progressing, I haven't truly felt happy. Sure some days are better than others, but for the most part I have a constant pity party and the phrase "why me" is always floating around my mind.

Well a break is what I needed and now I know "why me" and have answers. Real life answers. A lot has gone on the past few weeks so bear with me as I tackle our trip to the chiropractor and kinesiologist, added supplements, holidays out of town and finally discover the BIG issue we're battling...candida!

This little superstar turned two right before Christmas. Originally we were going to get sedation and crowns when she was twenty months, then told to pull instead. So it is now February and things are going great! She is thriving, meal time is beyond easy, she never complains of tooth pain and eats like a horse. Originally I had too high of hopes. When we started this journey both teeth were cracked and chipped/chipping. I had a friend tell me that her daughters teeth grew so I was hoping for a miracle. Well, the last bit of loose enamel has chipped off and I'm so glad. Every single time she ate/brushed I worried about that tooth. You could literally push half of it back, there was no fixing that. So now the goal is keeping the baby teeth until they fall out on their own or at least until she can sit without sedation with Dr. Gardner. We got the funds together and finally saw a naturopath and chiropractor! What a blessing! 

Dr. Sunshine was referred to me by my farmer and raw milk co op. He is in Knoxville and has cured allergies and offers kinesiology. He is Christian as well so I was very excited to visit him! At our first visit I explained what our issues were and got muscle testing done. Mold allergy? Dairy intolerance? Leaky gut? Celiac? No no no. I was getting frustrated. Something was wrong with my baby and I needed answers! Then her little arms held the vial against her belly and my arm was stuff as a board. "It's candida", he said. And just like that...I knew. 

He started us on Prostatin and I took it upon myself to start GAPS as closely as possible. One thing I made sure we kept up with was dairy. Rami and Dr. Price really push butter and raw milk for tooth decay so I made sure I put it in EVERYTHING. I even started hoping to wean and offer her milk when she asked to nurse. She ate butter by the spoonfuls as well. But the candida wouldn't go away and her face rah was as prevalent as ever. Constant red pimple like dots all over her face! I put derma on them, clay, coconut oil...I started putting coconut oil on my nipples before nursing. Still there. Then we got stranded in a snow storm without our milk. I was so stressed out. Here I am trying to wean and we had no milk for three days! Well, guess what? The bumps went away. Praise God I have an answer!

Testing concluded no dairy allergy and her face is very mild when she has her kefir, so I think the dairy aggravates the candida too much. I have read from a few moms in the tooth decay group that killing the candida also cured the intolerance. So for now I will cook with coconut oil and ghee instead of the massive amounts of butter. I'm skipping my milk share for the next couple weeks too. We see Dr. Sunshine again Tuesday morning and I can't wait to talk it over with him. If you can't seem to find the root issue of your child's rash/tooth problems I highly suggest finding a chiropractor that also offers naturopath services and kinesiology. So we are now dairy, gluten & sugar free and it feels AWESOME!