Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Obstacle Crossed.

Frenectomy = done. Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting to say that?! Almost a year! I am so glad we got it done. Dr. McMurtry was wonderful. I can't say enough how glad I am we made the drive to Charlotte. It was so quick, maybe 4 minutes tops. I'm not going to lie, those four minutes sucked, but we read a Mickey Mouse book after and she was laughing and waving at everyone. When I brush her teeth and do the stretches I can definitely tell how much more tooth is visible and able to be cleaned by her saliva and tongue. (We got her tongue tie done too.) Dr. McMurtry also poked around in her mouth and of course said she had severe decay (duh) but also assured me that some of the teeth were hardened and would be able to stay! As long as I continue with our diet and supplements I have no doubt we will continue to see improvements. He was very supportive of our holistic lifestyle and did not pressure me into anything at all. Thanks Brian!

The stretches were hard the first day or two but now she doesn't mind at all and likes to practice on her babies and me. I can't wait to see how healing will progress! I was very worried about pain but we haven't needed ANYTHING. I have her a few arnica tablets before the stretches the first two days but honestly I don't think it changed anything. 

The first picture was taken around 13 months. Oh how I wish we would have gotten it revised then!

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