Monday, November 25, 2013


Whew we have had a rough few weeks! I started babysitting another little boy and I am constantly on the go. The second he leaves I have to get caught up on cleaning, cooking, and of course trolling my tooth decay groups for more information. It's been a slow month for the tattoo industry and I've had to cut out a few supplements. My husband's truck also broke down so we are in a bind, to say the least. This is where FAITH comes in. I did not know what we were going to do. We ran out of our Living Streams products and it was very obvious in Coraline's attitude and teeth. Her only tooth left intact had become wiggly and cracked, and I was FREAKING OUT. I haven't had a tooth breakdown in awhile because my amazing friends from my groups inspire me and help me so much. But this week, I broke down. I broke down hard.

I didn't understand. This week I gave generously in tithes. More than we could afford. I took two kids off the angel tree. Not because I expected anything, but because I felt empowered to. Then BOOM! all these obstacles fell on us. I don't blame God. I know obstacles happen for a reason. Maybe I'm being tested? Maybe Satan wants to deter me from doing good? Who knows. This is where the amazing people in my life come into play. Without saying too much, I now have a plethora of supplements for Coraline! I have kefir grains and bottled kefir to help heal her gut! I have a scoby due to arrive anyday. I have alfalfa, bifido, mineral spray, moringa AND derma! I have Lugols iodine, Hylands vitamin C and Houstons digestive enzymes. I have BestMade cell salts and plantago coming next week.

I have amazing friends. I have amazing faith. I have a child who's healing. I have a dry pillow tonight. 🙏

We also found the PERFECT chiropractor and naturopath. He uses muscle testing to determine what is good for her body or bad. This way we can figure out her food allergies and what medications we can avoid. It's $150 for the first visit so hopefully after the holidays we can go. I'm very optimistic. His last name is Sunshine so really, he must be great! Although I'm not updating as much, I'm still not giving up! I am working harder than ever to heal her gut & her teeth. We can tell a huge difference in her speech and smile since the frenectomy. I'm so glad we did it!

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