Saturday, November 2, 2013


Two days until we are going to Charlotte for the laser frenectomy. Anxious is an understatement. I am very excited. I really think this is the last obstacle keeping the healing from occurring. Or at least the decay from halting. We don't have the funds for this at all. But like the holistic dentist said, this is so important, you FIND the money. He had no correlation with the laser dentist either, he was sincerely there to help us. So I feel this is what is right. This dentist uses a swaddle blanket. Coraline LOVES to practice swaddling. We do it everyday on her babies. So this past week we have been practicing swaddling her and zzzzzzzz her teeth. She loves it. I think it will go well.

If you are reading this and you are one of the people that owe us a portion of the $5,300 we desperately need for my daughters medical care...don't be an asshole. My husband won't say it, but I will. It's slow season, my child care income is minimal and my daughter has needs that we can't ignore. 

That being said, she is doing great. Her teeth seem to look the same, but harder and stronger. Most importantly, she's happy. She's eating so much. Talking to much. Sleeping so soundly. She is so perfect. I am so thankful. 

I can't wait to update you with the aftermath of the frenectomy. I have arnica and acontinim for aftercare. I am hoping to get rescue remedy on Monday. 

PS: my tooth no longer hurts at all. Dentist said root canal or infection will take over. I chewed up and swallowed a shitload of garlic and took oil of oregano for two days. No more pain at all! YES! 

I am currently awaiting vitamin d3, zinc and silica from Amazon. I think these are also very important. I think I'm going to stop with the bifido and alfalfa for awhile. 

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