Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Update

I have been meaning to update for awhile but we have been so busy! I started babysitting a sweet little boy so by the time he leaves I have to clean, run errands, cook dinner etc. The big news I've been meaning to share is that Dr. Gardner finally called us back and Nina Foley, a holistic dentist in Franklin,Tn has agreed to help us with Coraline! She says she can do composite fillings on all four! You have no idea how happy this makes me. Just to know that pulling isn't our only option. She also offers conscious sedation which is much safer than nitrous oxide. (Especially with the suspected MTHFR mutation.) So that's the great news. We are waiting for our insurance to get worked out and then probably this winter we will make the trip to Franklin for the consult. She is highly recommended on all Weston Price Foundation sites and every holistic dental page I've found. I am so happy she is helping us!

Coraline's decay seems to have halted. I have added cell salt 2 and quit giving Bioplasma. So she's taking 1,2 and 8 , 3 times a day. We also got cinnamon tingle FCLO which we are all happy about. Unflavored is disgusting. Our newest addition is MI Paste which is supposedly a must have. (Can you see why I started babysitting?) I suggest the simple paste and not the plus because of the fluoride in the plus. This has actually made brush time much much easier. She loves the taste and putting it on with the qtip.
Active decay feels very "squishy". While the color may not change, halted decay will harden and be more glossy. I can feel this while she's sleeping. She is also biting into her food now when before we had to cut it so she can transfer it to her molars to chew.

If you are looking for support for issues like these, although I hate to say it, Facebook is where it's at. I had mine deleted for a long time and it was wonderful, but it was a necessity that I joined the groups Natural Alternatives for Kids Teeth, Natural Healing Co-op, Magnesium Support and Wild Fermentation. The information I've found on these is priceless. I am so thankful for the friends I've acquired that share this journey with me. It is hard because I feel like my real life friends will never understand this stress. I find it so unfair my daughter can't eat bread, crackers, juice, tea, berries. Yet their kids eat goldfish and Hi-C and have a gorgeous smile. I don't want to be angry about it. I want to MOVE ON. But I can't. I almost wish I could be a normal person who'd just did the caps 4 months ago and was done with it. However, it's to come to my attention that many cases of leaky gut, lip ties and tooth decay has to do with the MTHFR mutation. An online friends homeopath thinks their case is from military vaccines altering genetic makeup. My husband comes from a military background so that's definitely something to think about!

The MTHFR mutation means your child probably reacts strongly to toxins like household cleaners, detergents, vaccines, food intolerances, and especially NITROUS OXIDE. So while it would have been easier to just do the caps and get this shit over with, it would have been the end of my world if something happened to my daughter that could have been prevented. My goal Is to keep them from getting worse or hurting her until they fall out on their own or we can pull without sedation. If Nina says the bone structure is hard and no risk of infection, we will probably just let them look bad until they fall out. If she says they need fixed, I will let them be fixed under her care. I trust her. Although, the white composite seems heaven sent. I don't even think I can imagine her with a perfect smile.

Well, it's perfect to us anyway.

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