Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Irony and Fear Mongering

Well, this week has sucked. Not because of Coraline, she is as happy as ever. She is eating healthier daily and signs "more" for her fermented cod liver and butter oil every morning! It's because I, the holier than thou tooth decay expert, have the worst fucking toothache alive. In a back molar far far away. My filling fell out while I was pregnant and it really hit me this week. Crying in agony, up all night, praying for relief. I made an appointment to get it extracted because I just can't handle this pain.

And then I thought, what a hypocrite?! Here I am obsessed with helping my daughter and having great progress, yet I am so easy to pull my own tooth because of a little PAIN? I have had needles pounding my legs, feet, ribs for over 8 hours straight! I have delivered a baby! And I'm going to let a toothache get me down? Nope. Not gonna happen. So today I got ready, told myself I was gonna tough it out, prayed for the strength (because this shit sucks) and cancelled my extraction. 

Don't tell my mom. 

Here's we're the fear tactics play. I thought that only pediatric dentists did this. Nope. They're all the same. ANTIBIOTICS. Gasp! It's a four letter word in our family. The second I heard this I hung up the phone. I told them I was eating raw garlic. I told them I had oil of oregano. I told them I was oil pulling. Nope. Not good enough. Antibiotics are apparently sent from God above to solve everything. Guess what? WRONG! Everything I need is in nature. Everything I need I don't have to have a prescription for. My own family, my own best friends, have told me I will die of blood infections. How familiar does that sound? Oh yeah, it's the same horseshit that got me started on this voyage. So thanks, I needed the reminder. I am stronger than Pharma. 

Here's the article that got me fired up. She's my favorite.

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