Thursday, October 17, 2013

Newest Additions

This week has been great! My husband and I celebrated our third anniversary and had a baby free date in Gatlinburg! Our babysitter was amazing! She eats a paleo diet and cooked Coraline organic grilled chicken and asparagus with cucumber well water to wash it down. Me=impressed. So blessed we found her! 

I also received magnesium flakes, oil, and aloe which I am SO excited about. Magnesium deficiency is the cause of so many health problems. We have been giving cell salt #8 to combat mag deficiency but magnesium is absorbed best through skin. Coraline loves for me to spray the oil on her toes and rub it in. How many other toddlers get a foot massage multiple times a day!? The flakes help bath time go by smoothly too. She loves the "crystals". 

Oh, can I brag that she's speaking in full sentences now? At 21 months. Is that normal? I swear she's a genius. Hugh came home from work and we were telling him all about our daily activities: park, friends, puppies, Mickey Mouse, when she looks him square in the eye and says..."and mommy eat broccoli!"

Anyway, going to Charlotte in the next few weeks for the laser frenectomy which I am crazy excited about. We were going to the holistic dentist in Franklin for it but just for the lip tie it's $700 and she doesn't do it on small children often. Dr. McMurtry is recommended on the TT/LT group on FB and has been messaging me on Facebook about it. It's only 550 for the lip and tongue. He does it everyday. Plus Charlotte is pretty and I've always wanted to visit there. I am so ready for that to be over with because I am the biggest stressed out wench over it. Mainly just the money & planning. Who will watch our dogs? Will we stay the night? Will the kids I babysit have a backup? Will Hugh be able to take off work?! (If not, I am totally making a mom/Coraline vacay out of the trip). 

The only update on pooks is that she's fabulous. I'm totally not bothered by her teeth anymore because to me they look normal. I can't imagine them any other way. She's eating so much more and her appetite is so varied. She's trying new things and it makes my heart sing. We are still doing the plethora of cell salts 1,2,8, FCLO, Living Streams, xylitol candy, grain free diet,  broth, coconut oil blah blah blah daily. It's a routine now & once again I can't imagine life differently. 

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