Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glandular Supplement

A big part of the Cure Tooth Decay diet is trying to eat organ meats a few times a week. Well, my two year old is NOT a fan. I buy beef liver from Kroger and sometimes I can get her to eat it with a little garlic salt and ketchup but not often. She won't eat chili or meatloaf either so forget putting some heart or liver in there either. This is one part we were struggling with so I was very thankful when Rami suggested Swanson's glandulars for women in the Cure Tooth Decay group.

Well I went to get them off Swansons and kept them in my cart for a few weeks until we had a little more cash on hand. Two weeks later I was finally ready to check out and imagine my delight that they were buy one get one free! VICTORY! 

I also had to get some #2 cell salts because the ones we got from BestMade don't include Calc phos. Only Calc Fluor, Mag Phos and Ferr phos. So I've been using those as well as #12 (silica) and now #2. 
Excited for all the advances we're making! Also, Dr. Sunshine confirmed that the dairy was activating the candida. So he worked his magic and apparently she is cured. This could mean SO MUCH. This could change everything. It could be that her body wasn't healing because it was rejecting our milk, butter and cheese. We get more milk tomorrow and I'm excited to see results.  

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