Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Kisses

I have a guilty pleasure. It's so guilty that only my husband knows the extent of my obsession. He only knows because I constantly call him to pick it up on his way home from work. It's chocolate. Cacao to be exact. And there's a Walgreens practically next door that sells the bars for about $3 a piece. Oh. My. Yum. I dream of bedtime so I can cozy up with my puppies, creep on my Facebook with a hot cup of chamomile tea and I will eat a whole bar in one sitting. And I don't even blink about it. I get so few guilty diet luxuries and Ghiradelli uses non gmo cacao and very high quality. This is my happy place. 

So, imagine how sad I was to know they use GMO soy for the soy lechtin emulsifier! This company is known for having the highest quality chocolate! Wouldn't it be a no brainer? Maybe eventually they'll jump ship with Enjoy Life and make it totally allergen free. But alas, then they'll be ridiculously unaffordable as well. Am I doomed to a chocolate free bedtime hell? 

Nope! A friend of mine(thanks Laura!) posted about making some chocolate bars for her daughter with butter since she was having a hard time getting her daughter to consume the amount of butter recommended in Cure Tooth Decay. This is definitely not our problem,Coraline will eat teaspoons of the stuff plain! But since realizing she isn't tolerating dairy, I subbed in coconut oil and it turned out great! I just threw in raw cacao, raw honey, and melted coconut oil until it became a good taste and consistency. Made little dollops on wax paper and froze. These would make great valentines kisses for little ones. Coraline sure loved it! 

Cacao is high in antioxidants, sulfur and magnesium! But technically it is a seed, so I wouldn't make this a constant part of your diet. Great for a treat and practically guilt free! 

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