Wednesday, February 5, 2014


There are few things as magical as iodine. I had no clue what this even was until a friend of mine, thanks Delis)  mentioned it on the Cure Tooth Decay Facebook group. Iodine has many anti fungal properties and is wonderful to have on hand (especially with the risk of Fukushima! It also reverses the effects of radiation exposure). We bought Lugol's off Amazon and add it to our water as well as swish before bedtime. Iodine directly on the teeth does stain, but it's nothing a little activated charcoal can't scrub off.

Here's a few facts I took from an article on CureZone

"Some countries are fluoridating their water supply for the theoretical benefits of fluoride helping to prevent cavities. What is happening is the ingested fluoride takes the place of iodine that should be there in the teeth, especially growing teeth. Iodine and thyroid for example have complete control of tooth growth along with some help from growth hormone. It is only because our iodine intake has been decreasing over the years that fluoride has been mistakenly added to our water with the idea of helping children's teeth. It would have made more scientific sense to have added more iodine."

"Many researchers (28-31) and Wharton [32] reported that immunodeficiency and malnutrition in adolescence and iodine deficiency and dental caries are associated. In 1939, Hardgrove [33] reported that “in his community (Fond du Lac, Wis, USA), since the beginning of administration of iodine to prevent goitre, children have less caries. Iodine seems to increase resistance to caries, retarding the process and reducing its incidence."

"Iodine is among the most potent of bactericidal agents. Its effect is not time-dependent; once bacterial contact is made, its action is immediately lethal. Iodine has excellent penetrability into dental plaques.37,38 These characteristics make it an excellent agent for oral use. Earlier studies by Gibbons and coworkers showed that a single two-minute application of a 2 percent iodine/potassium iodine ( I2-KI ) solution eliminated mutans streptococci from accessible human tooth sites for up to 13 weeks.39 In 1977, Caufield and Gibbons showed that a dental prophylaxis followed by three applications of a 2 percent I2-KI solution significantly reduced mutans streptococci levels in fissure and proximal-surface plaques and saliva. Reductions persisted for 20 to 24 weeks in proximal plaque and saliva; fissure plaques were significantly suppressed for four weeks but gradually returned to baseline levels in the absence of dietary restrictions."

I could keep quoting but you catch my drift. 

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  1. The iodine in kelp is not guaranteed to be present after storage because of the volatility of iodine, which is naturally a gas. It is wise to use Lugol's to ensure an adequate dose.