Thursday, September 12, 2013

Afternoon lunch.

Being gluten free is hard. It's even harder when you are trying to focus solely on alkaline foods! Our lunch may not be perfect but it's what I have for now and it's yum. 

Supposedly I should avoid fruit as well. I can't possibly cut out gluten, acidic foods, sugar AND fruit all together! So I grill a spinach tortilla in the bacon fat from the morning. Peel some raw organic valley cheese and two pieces of AppleGate ham. Then we put some kale in the food processor (she loves pushing the button) and throw that in there too. I roll it up, pour some bacon grease on top & voila! We either have carrots, cucumbers or grapes as a side. We only drink water for now until we get our herd share worked out. Then we will add raw milk back to this routine. Once or twice a week I can get her to drink some bone broth out of a mason jar. After eating we always follow with water and 2 xylitol candies. 

Drinks her broth right from a straw! Such a champion. I love this baby! 💖

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