Friday, September 13, 2013

The Importance of Second (and third) Opinions

We just moved states and have NO holistic connections where we are now. We don't know anyone to refer us to someone who will listen to me and understand my concerns. Thankfully on my quest to find raw milk in the area, I came across a farmer who said her dentist is very open minded to Weston Price and will listen and help me handle this naturally. It may be unethical to put their names but I think it's important for anyone who may be looking in the area. His name was Dr. Kizer and we got an appointment the day I called. They were very prompt and efficient but unfortunately NOT what I was told they were. We were there maybe ten minutes in which they told me I was not taking this seriously, she needs work under sedation, what I was quoting from Cure Tooth Decay was scientifically impossible and I needed to see a pediatric dentist right away. He called one and we went to see them an hour later.

Now this place, Children's Pediatric Dentistry of Knoxville was very kid friendly. Lots of toys and movies. It Made the long wait easy. Once we to back to the dentist though...oh Lord I will never go back. The chairs were lined like Red Cross patients. Ten kids all lined in a row as a dentist slid chair to chair cleaning/working. Finally got to us, pulled up Coraline's lip and immediately says, "they've got to go, they will get infected and go to her blood stream.  I will get her on our emergency list for extraction right away and silver crowns on all molars." He would not even acknowledge what I was trying to do. Pretty much rolled his eyes as each word crossed my lips. Apparently we could either do the extractions or watch her teeth rot out of her head. No X-rays were taken. This was maybe a ten minute process. He said to try to get state insurance so it won't cost us a thing and he would see us once we got insurance settled out. And hopped along the line to the next child. 
I burst into tears in front of everyone, cried the whole way home, and then realized...I am stronger than this! I am stronger than these people! I will NOT sit by and do whatever they say. I need someone who understands me. I need someone who won't threaten me. I need someone who has read these books and believes in me as a mother. Today was my appointment with holistic dentist Dr. Gardner and he is that person. 

I prayed the night before, I prayed the way there, and I prayed a thank you upon my return.

Not because he is going to fix her teeth. Not because he told me exactly what I wanted to hear. But because he LISTENED to me. He looked me in the eyes. He had heard of Weston Price. He had heard of miswak, xylitol, mercury toxicity, Cure Tooth Decay, acidic and alkaline PH, everything I spoke of. He told me I HAD TIME. TIME is what I need! He told me that remineralization is possible. He said Enamel growth is not, but he believes in bigger forces. He said there is no way to tell is extraction is necessary without x-rays. He believes most dentists believe their textbook theories and are not willing to learn and listen from the holistic community. His office was not equipped for a child as young as Coraline, but he said he will find someone to help me. He will call everyone he knows and call me with names Monday. He is not THE dentist to help us, but he is a huge piece of the puzzle and I am grateful. 

He said I am doing everything right. Doing more than most know how. And at least the front two if not all are salvageable. We won't know without digital X-rays. So maybe tonight I can sleep peacefully. 

I also HAVE to add that he looks exactly like Eric Northman from True Blood while he was under Marnie's  spell. Glasses, skinny, a little geeky. I mean, exactly. It was very hard not to apologize for Nora's death upon exit. 

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