Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Morning routine.

We wake up. It's a new day! I roll over to these two blue eyes saying, "hey mommy...hey daddy!" A nights sleep not haunted by dental fear tactics, whew. That's refreshing. Together we trot off to morning potty sesh. I scarf down my coffee. Here we go. 
1.) a dropper of alfalfa probiotic, a dropper of bifido probiotics & 4 sprays of living minerals directly on the top four teeth. She loves this part. Her favorite is when I spray her belly too. "Brr, cold!" 
2.) now the hard part. I made the mistake of getting non flavored Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver and ButterOil. She loved cinnamon. This one is revolting. I try to give her 1/2 a teaspoon. She says no.  Here comes the bargaining. Spry Xylitol candies save the day. "After we take our medicine we get pink candies!" She gulps it down. All is well. 
3.) I make us 2 pieces of bacon and eggs with organic cultured butter, raw cheese and kale. Daddy has chocolate Cheerios. Asshole. She begs for his. He sneaks her one. I hate him. "THERE'S GMOS IN THERE! CHOCOLATE?! GLUTEN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IM DOING AT ALL?!" He tells her mommy said no. I'm the bad guy. I distract her while he finishes his nasty GMOs by letting her push the button on the food processor. He leaves for work. We do our regular SAHM stuff. 

I brush her teeth as well as possible before nap time. A lot of times it's ten minutes of small brushes and fake crying until I hold her hands and get the front teeth as fast as I can. We currently use lemon earth paste but our miswak stick will be here Friday. 2 Bioplasma tablets always follow this debacle. We have Been taking Hylands Bioplasma for many months now. After we finish this bottle of 1000 I am switching to solely cell salts 1 and 2. A mother whose daughters teeth GREW back in my Facebook group (yes with picture and dental evidence) used these with success. I bought both off vitacost for $14. I am a proud vitacost addict. 

I always nurse to sleep at nap time and then ninja slip away to clean, blog, research, etc...


  1. Hi Katie! I know that this post is old, but I just found your blog while searching for info on cell salts (bioplasma) and healing tooth decay in toddlers. I'm intrigued...would you mind sharing with me what the name of the facebook group is that you referenced in this post?

    1. I'm pretty sure it is this, I'm a member myself.