Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dinner - Not Vegan Friendly

I must add the vegan disclaimer because they have handed my ass to me many times. I have many vegan friends. I admire them so much for their passion over animal rights. You are wonderful people. Unfortunately, Cure Tooth Decay and Weston Price have invaded my brain with grassfed meats and dairy being essential so that's what we are currently practicing.

My photo presentation is way off. Wandering baby fingers are most of my bacon and meat before I was finished cooking. We had a local grass fed beef patty seasoned with Real Salt, it was topped with raw goat cheese and AppleGate farms bacon,  a locally grown cucumber and cauliflower boiled in bone broth. She LOVED it! In the morning we are seeing a holistic dentist so I will definitely update what they say. (Pray for us if that's your thing!) 

I also bought some black walnut extract today and have high hopes. Thanks to Leigh for pointing me in the right direction. Coraline let's me put it right on the decay, it supposedly kills all bacteria. Can't wait until tomorrow to see what Dr. Gardener says! 

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