Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Not to Say.

Whenever you encounter someone facing this issue, you may not know what to do. Do you ignore it? Do you ask what's wrong with her teeth? Do you give advice? Here's what NOT to say, (in my opinion). These are the things that make me fume. And they are said to me daily. 

1." That's why I didn't breastfeed!" Or, "you must nurse her all night long!"
2. "Poor baby." This KILLS me. It is the most popular response. I hate it. Absolutely hate it.
3. Have you seen a dentist? What did they say? 
4. You should be using fluoride. 
5. Why are they like that?!
6. She needs to be drinking more milk. 

I understand that to modern culture you believe these things. There has be bountiful research done about early childhood caries, the conclusions are astounding. Do you not think I have asked myself these questions? Do you not think if I thought it was best for my child I would do it? There is one response that is always wonderful. Until that mother trusts you enough to talk to you about the situation all you need to say is...

"What a happy baby and beautiful smile." 

1 comment:

  1. And what a beautiful and happy baby you have.

    Being completely uneducated about the whole thing...will it affect her adult teeth?